We meet every Tuesday at 7 pm at the Güterstrasse 8. We also have a regulars' table. It takes place at 7 pm on the last Thursday of each month in the Brasserie Lorraine.

You can find the dates and locations of upcoming meetings in the calendar on the right (bottom of the page on mobile devices). You can also subscribe to the calendar.

It was important to us to find a location that is located close to the center of Bern and is easily accessible by public transport. This should make it attractive to spontaneously come by.

Güterstrasse 8

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On each Tuesday we meet at the Güterstrasse 8 at "Zwischennutzung Warmbächli", starting at 7 pm. There is plenty of space and the infrastructure to hack, discuss things or hold presentations and workshops. Electricity and internet access, as well as ping-pong tables, table soccer and a kitchen are available as well. A wide variety of beverages are for sale on location.

Getting there

The room is located at Güterstrasse 8 on the second floor:

You can get there either by Bus or by tram:

  • Bus line 11 (direction Holligen) to the terminal stop (Holligen)
    • 6 minutes travel by bus
    • From there it's another 3 minutes walk
    • There's a bus every 6 minutes
  • Tram lines 7 (direction Bümpliz) and 8 (direction Bern Brünnen Westside) to station Loryplatz
    • 7 minutes travel
    • From there it's another 5 minutes walk
    • There's a tram every 3 minutes


We are paying rent for the room, the expenses per meeting and person are CHF 5.-


You will find a wireless door bell at the entrance labeled "Chaostreff Bern". It will start flashing as soon as someone get on the way to open the door for you. Please wait in front of the entrance for that person since the way to the second floor is usually locked and only accessible with a key. Alternatively, you can ring the Chaosphone (+41-79 425 03 54) to notify us of your presence and we will open the door.

Presentations and workshops

We offer you the possibility to share your knowledge on topics related to the Chaostreff, whatever it is you are interested in. Previous presentations have been on such topics as the ACME-Conductor and Blockchains. Practical workshops on different topics related to Chaostreff are held as well, for example about RFID zappers or Tails. They are initialized and organized by individuals or a group of people from the Chaostreff. Usually, workshops are not being held during our meetings but on a separate date like a Saturday afternoon.

At the Güterstrasse we have a lot of space and (usually) even a small separate room with a beamer. So there's pretty much everything you need for a small workshop or to give a presentation. If you would like to organize one or just tell people about that cool project that you're working on or that you have found, let us know. Send us an email to info [at] and we'll make sure that there are no conflicts with the schedule. Events from external parties are welcome as well.


There is a well equipped kitchen at the Güterstrasse that we can use starting from 6 pm. If you would like to cook, please make enough for everyone if possible. Remember to announce it on the mailing list or in the chat, maybe others would like to help too.

Sticker exchange

We have a sticker exchange. Everyone is welcome to contribute and serve themselves. More information is available on the project page.

Brasserie Lorraine

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We have a monthly regulars' table. It takes place on the last Thursday of each month, starting at 7 pm in the Brasserie Lorraine. They have tasty food, beverages and space to meet.


You only need to pay your own food and drinks.

Getting there

Take the bus of line 20 to the station "Lorraine". It's then another 150m to the restaurant from there. On foot, it's about 15 minutes from Bern main sation to the Brasserie.


There are no ATMs in the vicinity of the Brass nor the Güterstrasse.