Becoming a member

Everyone who identifies with the values of the Chaostreff Bern and wants to become a member should contact the executive committee.

Membership fees

The exact membership fee is decided upon by the general assembly. Starting in 2020 the fee is CHF 40.- per month which amounts to CHF 480.- per year.

The fees are to be paid one per year in advance. Members can pay the membership fees either in cash directly to our cashier or via bank transfer to the account detailed below:

IBAN: CH24 0839 0034 6243 1000 0
Purpose of payment: Mitgliederbeitrag
Recipient Adress: Chaostreff Bern, Bern

Persons who can't afford the membership fees should contact the executive committee. They can arrange lower fees for individuals.

Chaos Computer Club Switzerland

The Chaostreff Bern is a member of the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland (CCC-CH). Our members are represented by two representatives. Those are elected by our members.

CCC-CH Schleuder

The Chaos Computer Club Switzerland is running a PGP encrypted mailing list, called a Schleuder for internal communications. Members of the Chaostreff Bern can join this list. To do so, they should contact our list administrator 2-B.