The Chaostreff Bern has it's own Hackerspace. It can be used by all members of the club around the clock. This is also where run our weekly meetings.


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Location and getting there

Please note that the actual entrance to our hackerspace is on the other side of the building facing Wyttenbachstrasse.


Kyburgstrasse 13
3013 Bern

You can easily reach the space by Bus, bicycle or even by foot:

  • Bus Line 20 (From Bern main station going in the direction of Wankdorf Bahnhof) to the station "Lorraine":
    • 3 minute ride
    • From 'Lorraine' station it is another 4 minutes (280 meters) on foot
    • Alternatively: Get off at the stop "Gewerbeschule"
      • From 'Gewerbeschule' it is another 4 minutes (290 Meter) on foot
  • On foot or with a bicycle it is about 1.1 Kilometer from Bern main station
    • There are bicycle stands right by our door

Map of the Bus terminals at Bern main station


We have a bike parking lot where you can park your bike or cargo bike. Please contact us in advance if you depend on this parking space for a car.


All members of Chaostreff Bern have round-the-clock access to Hackerspace.

During our weekly meetings, the room is open and visitors are welcome. We are also happy to give you a guided tour. Should the door be locked, simply call the following number and let it ring 3 times. Someone will come an open the door for you. +41 31 508 03 12


If you want to visit our Hackerspace, it is easiest to do so during one of our regular meetings which we hold every Tuesday. During this time the room is open and visitors are welcome.

Alternatively, you can visit one of our public events. These take place irregularly, usually in the form of workshops or talks, and are announced on the public mailing list and on our website.

If you already know someone from the Chaostreff, you can ask them to show you the Hackerspace. All members are allowed to bring third-parties into the Hackerspace.

If you are in Bern, but can not manage to visit any of our usual events, please contact us directly. Just send an email to info [at] chaostreffbern [dot] ch and with a bit of luck someone will be able to show you the Hackerspace.

Infrastructure in walking distance

The next supermarket, the Migros Filliale Bern Lorraine, is located 200 meters from Hackerspace. Opening hours can be found on the Migros website.

The nearest ATM is around the corner.


  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Before leaving your workplace, make sure it is not messy. If necessary, tidy up and clean it briefly
  • Upon leaving, store the material where you got it from
  • You can rent a storage box to store small projects and private material
  • Large devices and objects (3D printer, laser cutter, ...) should be labelled with nickname, contact address and date